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925 Entertainment was Founded in 2013 by Joseph & Rose Ann Kieren. 


     This dream team have been married  36 years and  still going strong. Their passion for entertaining has  created a company dedicated to forming lasting bonds, producing  moments, and creating an experience, not just a show. 

Joe and Rose both grew up in Wisconsin. Married and Settled in the East Bay, CA .


 Joe found work at the Pacific Bell phone company,  known now as AT&T.


During Mr. Kieren’s career at AT&T he designed a Data Center infrastructure that would be deployed World Wide in all AT&T Data Centers.


Rose worked as a Nurse in the Health Care Industry while raising their family.  

Joe and Rose both retired  in 2013 and decided to pursue their true passion; music. Joe's expertise in electrical engineering and equipment coalesced with Rose's proficiency in organization and customer care became 925 Entertainment.


Built from ground up, 925 Entertainment is an efficient yet nimble live event production company. Staging, sound production, lighting are all done at a professional level. The company provides one stop shopping to; plan, promote & produce live events, as well as book Bay Area bands of your choice. They can scale up or down the production, depending on audience size.


925 Entertainment is easy to work with and adjusts to the Client’s needs. This dynamic duo are diligent & detailed to ensure one successful event at a time!

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